30 April – 11 June, 2022


Carolin Ott

Carolin Ott continues to explore the theme of invasive species in her new ceramic works. The growing formats are intended to be sprawling and encroaching with their size. Invasive, in order to be able to face a human being.

Since 2020, Carolin Ott has been placing familiar taxonomies between plant and animal corporealities in an ambivalent relationship. Carolin Ott collects systematic and scientific information about fragments of forms in nature – basic botanical forms and zoological blueprints.

Carolin Ott is interested in carnivorous plants that digest animals in traps instead of an autotrophic way of life that is common for plants. Based on these themes, Ott creates sculptural „new formations“ out of ceramics.

In the first vascular cycle from spring 2020, Ott thematised plant guidance systems from a macro perspective. In the following cycle, Carolin Ott has further developed her formal language based on patterns of inflorescences.

Text edit: Isabella Sedeka