26 February – 3 April, 2022

Let’s go see the stars, the milky way or even mars

Marie Athenstaedt & Jorinde Fischer

In the duo exhibition ‚Let’s go see the stars, the milkey way or even mars‘.
the young artists Marie Athenstaedt and Jorinde Fischer deal with the galactic spectrum of colors and shapes.

Marie Athenstaedt points out that the spectrum of colors we can perceive describes only a tiny part of light. This fragment characterizes our reality. Beyond that exists an infinitely large area of the not visible light, which generates likewise infinitely many realities. The painter traces this area of the tangibly invisible in her mist-like paintings.

In her installation work, Jorinde Fischer playfully deals with site-specific sculptures that contain textile fabrics of varying elasticity and tension. Tautly stretched or loosely hanging, the artist presents materials, through decidedly minimal interventions and allows them to enter into physical states that are stimulated by their colorful presence.