9 April – 14 May, 2021

for one night only

Jennifer Bannert & Christian Holze

In the exhibition -for one night only-, Jennifer Bannert and Christian Holze make the intangible inbetween become reality. Between gravity and ease, heaven and earth, the past and the present, brightness and real encountersultimately awaits us at the end.

Christian Holze’s works are the result of an exploration of epoch-specific transformations of images in art history. The series Cloth Collision explicitly deals with the image of the fold and its meaning in different epochs and translates them into virtual space. The contemporary adaptation of the folded imagery connects visual art with fashion & marketing and at the same time foregrounds the philosophy of the fold. Questions about commercialization, authorship and art as a brand are also inspirations for the works of Christian Holze.

In the paintings of Jennifer Bannert we can expect lightness in one moment and profoundly shaking heaviness in the next. The gaze wanders from one hue to another. At the same time these are rather dark than bright. As soon as you think you have fixed something, this achievement blurs into a fleeting moment. But if you catch one of the brighter color fields, it seems like a hopeful moment full of light.