15 January – 12 February, 2021

flourish – nature is a given fact

bn+BRINANOVARA, silvia hornig, Carolin Ott, Katrin Paul, Charlotte Rahn, Isabella Sedeka

Perception – ART
Perception – NATURE
Perception – ANYTHING

The combination of nature (science) and art is nothing new. Everything is based on the individual perception, which can be based on science as well as natural science. The perception of the environment, the processing of information, the concentration of information on essential aspects of contemporary confrontations and the environment is a constantly recurring theme in modern society. The exhibition flourish – nature is a given fact asks about the cycle of deepening perception and nature in connection with individual physical action and the constantly changing social events. An artistic examination of nature and society through the works of Carolin Ott, bn+BRINANOVARA, silvia hornig, Katrin Paul, Charlotte Rahn and Isabella Sedeka.

Text: Carolin Ott / Tanya Most