Jeff Conefry


Lives and works in Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY, USA



MFA, Hunter College, New York, NY
BFA. Purchase College, Purchase NY

Rhode Island School of Design



Currently, I’m interested in how objects and actions create a physical narrative able to speak to ideas of both power and self. Perception of what something is and how it might have been made, creates the fundamental structure guiding my work. The goal is to present a situation the viewer can engage and unpack in a way that changes how objects are understood. I try to present things very simply and directly, favoring simple forms able to express themselves fundamentally.
Most of my current works are wood or metal mesh structures supporting multiple layers of acrylic paint or silicone rubber. The completed object is then disrupted with a direct action, such as cutting, bending, drilling or hinging. I leave this list of materials and actions in plain sight, generating the physical narrative able to retain traces of intent, morality, and sex. Presenting my objects emphasize self-evaluation common to the creative process. Questions raise more questions, sometimes within the work, but more commonly in how I relate to the work I make. Hyper self-awareness tends to expose imperfections. It is these imperfections and surrounding idiosyncrasies that I work
against, but accept as part of the process. Perfection is boring. It is the abundance of flaws that I seek to engage.


POSITIONS Art Fair Berlin, XPINKY BERLIN, September 10 – 13, Berlin, DE

Volta Art Fair NY, XPINKY BERLIN, March 5 -10, NY, USA

“IMAGE_OBJECT (THE VISUAL AND THE PHYSICAL)”, Poimena Gallery, Australia, January to February 27, AUS



Kunst Zürich, X-Pinky LAB, Zürich, October, CH

“the others”, X-Pinky LAB, Turin, October, IT

Zuckerman Museum of Art, Kennesae, GA, August, USA

Scope Art Fair , X-Pinky LAB, New York, March, USA



Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, New York, October 25 to December 1, USA

Solo Exhibition , Marcia Wood Gallery. Atlanta. September 12, USA

artBangall, Bangall NY, June 2, USA

Gallery Weekend, X-Pinky LAB, Berlin, April 28, DE

International Independent Art Fair, New York, April 28, USA



ARTMUC, X-Pinky LAB, Munich, October 19th to the 22nd, DE

“Outside Salon”, 56 Bogart St, Brooklyn New York, September, USA



“FIRST WE TAKE MANHATTAN”, Ethan Cohen Gallery, NY, May 5 to June 20, USA

“Abstraction Today”, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia,

Atlanta. May 7 to July 2, USA



NURTUREart’s 2015 Benefit, Pierogi Gallery. Brooklyn. November 9-10, USA

“August Geometry”, Marcia Wood Gallery. Atlanta. August 7, USA



Solo Exhibition”Paint”, Marcia Wood Gallery. Atlanta. November 20, USA



“Abstraction: Part 1 & Part 2”, Marcia Wood Gallery. Atlanta. November 21 -January, USA

“little Things Mean A Lot”, Swan Coach House,Atlanta. November 7, USA

“Pin Up Show”, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Atlanta. November 7, USA

“Georgia Artists Selecting Georgia Artists”, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Atlanta, USA