Carolin Ott


born 1994 in Peine, lives and works in Kiel



since 2020

Master of Education at Muthesius Academy by Dr. Prof. Kerstin Abraham, Class for Fine Arts and Ceramics, CAU Kiel



Study abroad at Faculdade de Belas Artes Porto,  Portugal


2016 – 2020

Bachelor of fine arts at Muthesius Academy & Biology at CAU, Kiel



In botany, certain schematic systems of the structure and plant science can be simplified and portrayed in drawings, The starting point of my work are carnivorous plants. in contrast to the traditional habits of plants there is no autotrophic nutrition. Wich means that insectivores adapted a way to imitate meat or small animals to attract other animals for absorbing their nitrogen. This case shows how the producer usually represented as plants become consumer to the food web.

Based on a systematic collection of information in science, such as botanica
basic forms combined with zoological construction plans, an organic shape can be called into question. Summarizing all informations are creating new constructions and combinations together as well as building up growing hybrids.

A herbarium is probably known as well as it has a long tradition. The  concept is about a collection of plants which includes a precise determination and futhermore presentation of the use of a plant and its importance in a certain enivironment in a limited regional and temporal assemblage. Every plant gains by fixing on single sheet a special presence and importance. Natural studies in botany have a special meaning for me. The plant in its unique shape and various size is now visible. I have been working for a few years by creating a herbarium in a common way. In this time especially the artworks are questioning the subjects about extinctions of species vs. biodiversity. In this regard i see the herbarium as a snapshot of conditions by creating a special significance of this topic.








Surf’n’turf,  VAULT, former Bohemian Brewery, groupexhibition in cooperation with Transiträume e.V. and XPINKY BERLIN, curation: Isabella Sedeka

Rendezvous de chasse, groupexhibition with bn+BRINANOVARA & Patricia Lambertus at XPINKY BERLIN  as part of the Salon Tier event, supprted by the Institute for Art Science and Art Education of the Mariann Steegmann Institute and Uni Bremen, curation: Astrid Silvia Schönhagen and Isabella Sedeka, booklet: Rendezvous de chasse edited by Silke Förschler, Astrid Silvia Schönhagen, Berlin.

Project “Weiter Weiter Weiter” by Dr. Prof. Kerstin Abraham, pottery market Oldenburg, Germany

Insight Outlook 2021, Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts Kiel, Germany by Dr. Prof. Kerstin Abraham

Grüner wird’s nicht, Kunstraum Geh8 Dresden, Germany/ groupxhibition as part of the project “weiter weiter” under guest lecturer Thomas Judisch,
publication: weiter, weiter. Exhibition free art and ceramics, Kiel

groupexhibtion – flourish. nature is a given fact at XPINKY BERLIN, Germany, curation: Isabella Sedeka, booklet:  ‘flourish. nature is a given fact’ edited by Tanya Most, Berlin



Academy Positions, special exhibition as part of the Positions Art Fair, supported by Berlin Hyp

Invasive Species, glass foyer of Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts, exhibition in the context of the bachelor presentation, Kiel

Insight Outlook, Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts by Dr. Prof. Kerstin Abraham, Kiel

Talente 2020, Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria, publication: Talente , Munich



Erasmus semester 19/20 at Faculdade Belas Artes do Porto, Lecturer by Prof. Rute Rosas, Prof. Susana Pitera, Prof. Rui Ferro and Prof. Teresa Almeida, Portugal

Einblick Ausblick 2019, Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts by Dr. Prof. Kerstin Abraham, publication: Einblick/Ausblick. Annual catalog 2019 of the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts, concept and design by Bente Beseler and Marie-Delphine, Kiel

Project “Heiss”, pottery market in Dießen am Ammersee, publication: Heiss by Kerstin Abraham, Kiel


Project “Setting the stove”, exhibition as part of the project of the same name in Cismar Monastery, in cooperation with the Schleswig-Holstein State Museum and Verein Rettung Schloss Blankenburg e.V., Blankenburg im Harz, Germany.

Einblick Ausblick, Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts by Dr. Prof. Kerstin Abraham; publication: Einblick/Ausblick. Annual catalog of the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts

Project “Paradise” 2018-2021; Briqueterie Rairies Montrieux, Maine et Loire region and Vent de Forets, France and Faimar,Baia Mare and Universitatea de Arta si Design in Cluj Napoca, Romania/Lecturer:inside: Dr. Prof. Kerstin Abraham, Prof. Natsuko Uchino, Prof. Marius Georgescu, Prof. Clémence Van Lunen



Hermann meets Hermann, Hermann-Ehlers Academy n collaboration with Eberhard Stosch, Kiel

Einblick Ausblick 2017, Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts by Prof. BKH Gutmann, publication: Einblick/Ausblick. Annual catalog 2017 of the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts, Kiel