Danziger Ecke Wins, Berlin

Die Balkone 2

Scratching the Surface

Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg windows and balconies

30 April – 2 Mai 2021


Curated by Övül Ö. Durmusoglu & Joanna Warsza


The Tinsel Mourning Ribbon, 2021
The Corona pandemic is causing a caesura across the planet and has already claimed so many lives. Numbers are in fact so high that they defy imagination. Despite the persistence of the pandemic, the moments of pause, grief and sorrow are needed. The mourning black ribbons in different variants, are usually attached to houses or to state flags. Worn on clothing, they express condolences, own concerns and are a sign of respect. They are usually worn by people who are not related to the deceased, and they therefore are individual symbols of mourning.

The black tinsel mourning ribbon is placed on the balcony Danzigerstr./Winsstr. and extends over 2. floors. From the artist’s apartment on the 2nd floor to the doctor’s office on the 1st floor. The project was agreed upon with the other house inhabitants. The work also addresses the fact that the artist’s house was repainted in 2020. For 20 years it was painted light blue and changed in 2020 to a black and gray color.

The color change as a symbol is taken up in the black tinsel and in its flutteriness still stands for Berlin and the autobiographical attitude towards life of the artist, who wants to give space to the feeling of grief and sorrow at this particular interface, the balcony, which is private, but still visible to the public, and invites to a public condolences.
-Isabelle Sedeka